I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head. How else could I capture all these mini inspirations,quickly, without the simplicity of Mind Mapping?

Dominic O’Brien
nine times World Memory Champion (*1957)


This is really a gorgeous, multi-purpose tool: MindMapping was developed by Tony Buzan (*1942) in the 1970s. Though it’s excellent for visualisation, problem-solving as well as learning, you can also use MindMap as moderation technique. It allows you to receive input from your participants and structure it immediately in front of their eyes. Thus, it’s also useful as a brainstorming technique.


The basic idea is to have a central idea, topic or question. From there main branches develop, i.e. topics or ideas. Each of the main branches divides itself into subtopics.

Normally, three levels are enough, But you could go even further if you want. The use of different colours for each level is highly recommended. The main branches should be thicker to keep the overview. Illustration and visualisation are encouraged — this is a creative technique!

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