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Facilipaedia is the Encyclopaedia of Facilitation, a compendium of techniques, and methods for your successful online and offline events.

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E-Learning means electronic, digital or virtual learning. Concrete: digital workshops, self-paced learning courses and tools for self-study.

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In this section we talk about all kinds of resources for online and offline workshops, seminars and conferences. It is divided into subchapters, which you can browse by the menu, by the headings below, or by the search bar –

You can… Soon…

You can! Somebody else not. You are competent in an area, which is a black whole to someone else. How do you enlighten others effectively and with fun? Use you knowledge and skills to help others - and we help you!
Or are you just in search for a certain moderation technique, for games and energizers - or for some tips and hints? Then click on "Blog" and browse by category, look for tag words or just type in your search on this page or the blog.
You want to learn how to facilitate online or offline workshops, how establish an awesome e-learning course, then go to webinar. Soon a couple of options will come up.
You know how to lead workshops but need ideas for the latest tools? Then look them up in the Resources section.
+++ Excuse: Currently, I am building up this site. So, please bear with if not everything is running perfect as of now. However, I didn't want to withhold the content and resources as I hope that they might serve you already. +++
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