It has been a long way from the idea to the realization of I am grateful to all those who inspired, consulted and supported me.

First of all, my family does understand my passion and spares me from the one or other task and accepts some time without me.

I had the privilege to learn a lot from friends and colleagues, especially during my time in Pakistan where I could extend my experience and deepen my knowledge. Thus, I’d like to mention Stefan Bannach (who himself works as a trainer and coach – I can definitely recommend him!). Also from my Pakistani and Indian friends I could develop further – thanks to Tauseeq Haider, Gulmina Bilal Ahmad, Manali Shah, Beena Qayyum Khan.

During the publication of my books I could rely on the support of Dr. Almut Besold, my father Helfried Kellerhoff, and my good friend Maren Kupke.

Also in the Internet I found some help as well as encouragement to whom I’d like to give the due acknowledgement. From the German blogging and podcasting scene I would mention Markus Cerenak who supports you in finding your passion and to build a business upon. Very tips in terms of self-management and time management gives Ivan Blatter, expert on new time management. Very motivational is Nicola Fritze, which inspire and gives ideas for the one or other workshop.

In the English, mainly American, blogging and podcasting nobody can bypass Pat Flynn and his Smart Passive Income blog and podcast. Inspiring for anybody who wants a free and independent life and work from anywhere in the world is definitely Natalie Sisson, the suitcase entrepreneur. It proves to be very helpful in the field of online marketing to listen to Amy Porterfield. And for life-long learning I think there is no better of source of inspiration than the Read to Lead Podcast by Jeff Brown – remember this blog is also about leading – and leaders read. For podcasting you can learn a lot – if not everything from Ray Ortega and his blog and podcast The Podcasters’ Studio.

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