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About TWL: Olaf Kellerhoff, TWL founder
Olaf Kellerhoff, TWL-Founder

There is a lot of potential in a lot of people. At the same time there is inefficiency in many trainings and seminars. Olaf Kellerhoff felt the urge to support their progress in a better way. In 2010, then Country Director of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF) in Pakistan, he developed a curriculum for a Training of the Trainers (ToT). This formation was not only about teaching and training. Also panel moderation and facilitating group processes were integrated. Thus, he named the intense workshops Training of Moderators (ToM).

Founder Olaf Kellerhoff

For more information about Olaf Kellerhoff you can have a look below or at his private website olafkellerhoff.com. As an alternative he has public profiles on Linkedin as well as the German network Xing. More private is his Instagram account. Another aspect is described on this Coaching website. Thus, you should have a quite complete picture.

How it begun

Repeated and each time refined these workshops and the accompanying material met a high demand in Pakistan’s civil society. Seeing the positive impact he further supported the participant’s development: He wrote and published a workshop manual: ToM Raider’s Treasure Chest (only available at FNF Pakistan).

After five years in Islamabad Kellerhoff returned to Berlin for another task in the foundation. In order to continue the support for all those, who want to improve their workshops, seminars and conferences he established TheWorkshopLeader.com (TWL) as an online platform. Here everyone can find information and resources free of charge. That’s what TWL is about. However, who wants to have more intense support can access paid online courses, digital workshops (diwo) and publications.

About TWL: TheWorkshopLeader.com
TheWorkshopLeader.com helps you to lead workshops. That’s what TWL is about.

TWL for events and 3C – Coaching for individuals

Up to new horizons, Kellerhoff left in 2020 the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom (FNF). He realized his dream and stablished himself as executive coach and strategic consultant. The former military officer founded his own company 3C – Coaching UG (limited liability). Then, TWL became a program of 3C. Like 3C – Coaching it supports the development of individuals but focused on conferences, meetings and workshops. In short: TheWorkshopLeader.com helps you to lead workshops

I hope you can benefit the utmost from this platform. Don’t hesitate to ask also specific questions. So, I can adjust the offer here better to your needs. As TheWorkshopLeader.com is about supporting you.

Enjoy your life’s journey!


If you want to learn more about TWL:

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