And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

Anaïs Nin (1903–1977)
French-Cuban-American Writer

You will learn to facilitate only by facilitation. For that you have go out and practise. This includes mistakes and failures. This Encyclopaedia of Facilitation, in short Facilipaedia ®, will support you to avoid some of the errors and give you ideas and instructions for almost all occasions.

The Facilipaedia ® will grow over time. So, you might check from time to time for new methods, tools, and techniques. Not here, but in the TWL-Blog, you find discussion and articles about trends of facilitation as they are not like encyclopaedia entries.

You are also kindly invited to contribute by a guest article – of course with your name mentioned and linked to your website.

How to use the Facilipaedia ®

Either you use the menu and make your way along the structure. On each site subtopics are suggested on the bottom. Thus, you can get deeper and deeper into a subject.

Or you just simply use the search bar if you have a term in mind already or look for a specific game or energizer. By neighbouring pages on the same level – displayed on the bottom of each page – you can browse more of this and get inspired.

The one way or the other the facilipaedia® is a free online database for your own facilitation experience. Thus, helps you to lead workshops.


From scratch

All this methods, tools, techniques, and tips need to be put together as well as into reality for a successful offline or online event. In case you don’t feel confident enough to realize that or you are just at the beginning, we recommend to join one of our facilitation courses. There you learn everything you need to know facilitate or moderate your own workshops.

Improving more

Also advanced courses will be offered from time to time or self-paced trainings. Choose among the offer, whatever suits you.

Additionally, offers also one to one coaching if you need it. Just ask for terms and conditions according to your individual situation by the contact form.

Reading – Facilipaedia ® and others in print

It is definitely an advantage to have everything online and easy to search. Sometimes, however, it might be more practical to have a book on your desk, while you plan your sessions. For that reason we have compiled a manual as well as guidebooks for specific topics to support your work. You can order them in the resources section via our online shop.

The Facilipaedia is divided in the following sections:

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