The soul never thinks without a picture.

Aristotle (384–322)
Greek polymath and philosopher

As our brain thinks in pictures we better use them to enhance and facilitate our learning process. Our brain loves pictures and we should use them as much as possible to support our message (see visualization). They catch our attention. Thus, today, we are flooded with images. This is especially true for the internet. Thereby, many pictures don’t have any specific message or enhance or learning. Their mere purpose is to catch attention. Unfortunately, this led to an overuse, expressed by thousands of insignificant stock photos. In my opinion this renders many blogs interchangeable and meaningless. Many websites almost look alike. That’s why I use explicitly my own black and white as TWL photos and sketches I’ve drawn myself.

Taking a photo of a snake charmer in Sindh (Pakistan).

Taking my own photos and drawing my own sketches.

The same holds true for illustrations and sketches. I’ve designed and drawn them all by myself (if not mentioned otherwise). They might not be perfect, even you might find them stuporous. That’s ok, as long as they fulfill the purpose of better understanding and higher level of retention.

The additional advantage is that I will never run into any copyright issues or have the difficulty to find creative commons licensed images. The search for the right photo or sketch, which is license-free, can often take a long time (even if you don’t notice how it’s passing by).

Sketch Optimal length for a digital workshop by representing the greek legend Procustes.

In short, I hope you enjoy both, photos and sketches, on this website. If you feel like, I’ll be happy if you leave a comment.

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