Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals.

Jim Rohn (1930–2009)
US Motivational Speaker

The fundamentals we are speaking of here are not any religious baseline, but rather the basics of any workshop, training, or course. They apply to offline and online events alike, though they might differ in the oulook. So, pay attention to all this aspect. Treat them as an underlying theme for all your efforts.

Neglecting them can ruin your best content, your best intentions, and your best efforts. And often you might then wonder why. You will also see these principles in other fields like a TV Show, a conference, or even a travel group.

Types of fundamentals


What are your objectives (outcome and output)? Have a look at goal setting! What’s your target audience? Once you are clear and have established your workshop plan you can create your content.


Is it skills, knowledge or attitude which you want to work on? Accordingly, the character of the sessions might look quite different. Thus, you have more Teaching & Training, Group Facilitation or Moderation and consequently more or less games, presentations, panel discussions.

And don’t forget to put some energizers at the rights spot to keep the energy level always high and the participants focused. This applies also for digital workshops with remote icebreakers and energizers.


While planning and content are very similar in on- and offline events, the logistics differ now significantly. Online events are much more technology driven, while offline events require the right room and settings plus equipment for facilitation.

Study and practise each of the heading on the top and topics below. Consider them while drafting your workshop plan and program. In other words, make them part of your facilitator’s blood and soul. Or as the American Businesswoman Cathy Engelbert said

The fundamentals of your business are like free throws: emphasize and practice them to perfection.

Cathy Engelbert (*1964)


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