Creative power is an Aladdin’s lamp, and if we rub it hard enough, it can light our way to better living.

Alex F. Osborn (1888–1966)
American Advertising Executive and Inventor of Brainstorming

The German consultant Prof. Bernd Rohrbach began this type of brainstorming in 1968 in order to get new ideas and new associations based on already given ones.

Process of Brainwriting 6–3–5

The method gave the name for brainwriting 6–3–5 Therefore, you prepare — according to the number of participants (ideally 6, but this can be increased) — the equivalent number of A4 sheets with columns and six rows. Each participant is asked to write down 3 ideas per column in the first row in readable handwriting. After 5 minutes, the participants pass their sheet of paper clockwise to their neighbour. Building on the word/idea in the row above the participants develop or associate a new one and write just below — for each word. After another five minutes the paper is rotated again. After six rounds you’ll have a maximum of 108 ideas.


Such a sheet of paper with six columns and three rows should be prepared to keep the overview and to give orientation. And you need pens or pencils, of course. That’s it.


The big advantages are the focused and concentrated work on ideas. Furthermore, unlike in the Brainstorming on call, here everyone including introverts contribute. It’s the best idea and not the loudest voice, which decide.

Presentation of Results

After having collected these 108 ideas a discussion should follow. The best way is to present the results on a board. Eventually, you rewrite them in readable way. A short break for the participants can be used for that.

The discussion should be transparent and open. Unreadable and unclear contributions are clarified before. You can cluster or prioritize the ideas. If you want to decided upon an idea, this could be done by voting or joint agreement during the discussion.

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