Know the ground, know the weather; your victory will then be total.

Sun Tzu (544—496)
Chinese General and strategist

Location matters. The best location depends on your target audience and your own resources. To make sure the event is cost-effective, it should be in a location where most of the participants are based. This will reduce travel and hotel accommodation costs (see budget and finance). The kind of room you will need for the event will differ based on the:

  • Activity or activities planned
  • Importance and expectations of the target audience
  • Number of expected participants
Open air workshop.
It can be enlightening to have the right workshop location, e.g. open air under palm trees.

Inspect possible locations thoroughly, unless you already know them well. It is not necessary to host the event in a hotel, although this is often the easiest solution as certain services are provided and most of the staff will be familiar with managing workshops. A press club, an NGO training centre, a university auditorium, or any other hall are also possibilities. What is vital is that you ensure that the room suits your purpose!

Don’t forget: a certain price needs to be paid in most cases – as location matters. But prices can often be negotiated. And it can be worth. This is especially true if you have a considerable number of people staying overnight as well as a significant food order. In such cases, the hall, WIFI and multimedia equipment will often be provided free of charge. There is no harm asking! And if you don’t succeed keep asking!

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