The peacock was dancing in the jungle. Nobody saw it.

Urdu Proverb

Urdu Proverb Quote The peacock was daning in the jungle. Nobody saw it.

Event Marketing is an integral part of event management. Even if you have enough participants it is a very good idea to use every occasion to brand your organisation as well as to spread your message.

You should be doing this before the workshop begins as well as after it. Or as the German soccer player and manager Sepp Herberger (1897—1977) said, ‘After the game is before the game.’ Your next workshop will come and more people will have heard about you. If people say good things, then potential participants are more likely to join.

Most of the tools and channels of communication addressed below do not involve investments of money, simply time. Allocate enough time in your preparation phase!

You should choose the appropriate tools and channels of communication on the basis of your Target Audience Analysis.

Corporate Design

Corporate Design (CD) is part of the Corporate Identity (CI) of an organisation. This is how the organisation is perceived, what it stands for and how it communicates. CD is the visual part of internal and external communication. You should apply the principle that form follows function: products must be useful and easy to handle, but nonetheless recognisable. The recognisability is created by the use of a logo, font, colours and proportions etc. in the characteristic font Haettenschweller and a strong blue. in the characteristic font Haettenschweller and a strong blue.

In order to brand yourself and to be recognisable, all your products should feature the same elements. This includes your invitations, Participant List, certificates and banners, etc. The effect is created through repetition, repetition, repetition.<