There is only going to be one Kate Moss. Kate is an icon.

Naomi Campbell (*1970)
British Model

Icons – I can! is a drawing energizer. It is especially suitable to prepare sessions, which are designed to distill or to boil down to an essence – be it of a program, of a strategy, or of an individual.

The drawing energizer Icons – I can!

Icons are visual symbols, which are very important in our everyday lives. We are all familiar with symbols for toilets, exits, or restaurant logos etc. But have you ever thought of symbolising yourself in a single sign? 


Develops self-presentation, encourages abstract thinking and focusing in someone’s personality on its essential elements, on its strengths.

Icon: It takes quite some energy and focus to reduce your personality to one single image.
It takes quite some energy and focus to reduce your personality to one single image: Icon – I can.


Cards and markers.


5 mins plus 10 mins collection and commenting.


Every participant thinks of a symbol for himself and draws it on a card. The moderator takes the cards and comments positively on them. You can reuse the cards later in the workshop for individual performances, e.g. a personal follow-up plan.

It’s really a highly focused exercise to think in an abstract way in order to reduce your or someone else’s personality to one single symbol. But it’s a good game before getting into other thinking exercise like goal setting or targeted communication. It helps participants to think and to reduce to the maximum.


Icon – I Can is a presentation game in the beginning, or as an abstract thinking exercise at any time.

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