In karaoke, you don’t choose the song; the song chooses you.

Aisling Bea (*1984)
Irish singer

Everyone knows Karaoke. Everyone knows PowerPoint. But PowerPoint Karaoke is still not very widespread. And it has it adavantages.

Objective of PowerPoint Karaoke

  • Learning by triggering all participants’ focus.
  • Fun.


Presentation, which is balanced in content and amount of text. It shouldn’t be too long and the volunteering participant should at least a little familiar with the topic.


Max. 10 min presentation. This form can quickly exhaust participants focus. I’d rather take a shorter presentation. Perhaps you can split the topic into subtopics and distribute presentation roles for each participant 2 min.


You have a presentation ready. But instead of presenting it yourself a participant volunteers or is chosen to present on your behalf – without knowing the presentation. Almost like in improvisational theatre the participant must explain presentation slides they have never seen before.

The slides should have some written text, at least enough to guess structure and content of your presentation. On the other hand the slides shouldn’t contain too much text. You don’t want to turn this session into “accompanied reading” hour. Find the right balance!

Thereby you can transfer knowledge in a fun manner. Not only the participant needs to think about the content, but it’s very likely that each participant asks himself: „What would I say if I were at his place.“ It can be really fun, but watch that you don’t embarass the participant for a lack of knowledge. 

The participant should roughly know about the topic and be able to assume some of the content. As facilitator stay relaxed and supportive. You don’t want to turn this into a shame game. However your presenter performed, it is good to give a round of applause just for the courage.

After the presentation you can correct misunderstandings and clarify questions. 


Norming and Performing. In the begin of a workshop participants might not be ready to volunteer and come out.

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