We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.

Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)
German philosopher and poet

Chair dancing is a short and quick remote energizer for remote participants, who are more or less familiar with each other. So, either your audience know each other as colleagues or they have been familiarized since a little while, e.g. the second or third workshop day.

A little move after a long time sitting can’t harm. Let’s dance! Choose a participant or let them volunteer to be the first to dance around their chair. Play music, the others should imitate the dance moves of the leader of the dance – everybody with the webcam on. It will be hilarious!

Objective of Chair Dancing

Energy, fun, and positivity.


Each participant uses his/her own chair.

Energizing music on the computer, phone or any other device (ideally connected to the conferencing software).

For the music (usually just one song and perhaps this one not in full) it’s useful to have known mainstream song to trigger dancing moves for all participants. Usually, I play something from Shakira as this is energetic and widespread.


3–5 min.


You either share your music program or the simpler – less quality admitted – just hold your mobile or any other device close to the microphone. If you use computer software prepare the song so that it doesn’t take too long to switch.

Chair Dancing during a workshop
Chair dancing – in front of the camera or away if too shy.

For those who are too shy, allow to switch off the camera or to dance away from the camera. Any sort of pressure might not be helpful and curb motivation for participation for the later part of the workshop.



You might also consider these energizers for your online event:

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