On the other hand, mere critical thinking, without creative and intuitive insights, without the search for new patterns, is sterile and doomed. To solve complex problems in changing circumstances requires the activity of both cerebral hemispheres: the path to the future lies through the corpus callosum.

Carl Sagan (1934–1996)
American astronomer and author

Participants and facilitator alike are staring on the screen the whole time. This is neither good for body, nor eyes nor brain. This Applied Kinesiology(™) exercise improve learning and refocus by synchronizing the brain’s two halves. Additionally, lying eight is a kind of gymnastics for your eyes. That’s why we recommend this exercise at least once during long screen hours.

Objective of Lying Eight

  • Energy and refocus.
  • Synchronization of two brain halves for better interactions and more creativity.
  • Eye training after long screen hours.



5 min.


Let the participants stand – or sit (though standing is better). Then they stretch one arm out in front of you, make a fist and stick their thumb up. Now, they trace a horizontal figure of eight in the air, with the crossing point of the lying eight directly in front of their eyes. The head remains still and you follow the movement of your hand only with your eyes.

Let do ten times with the right arm and the switch to the left arm (or viceversa).

As facilitator verify that the heads remain straight. This is the most common mistake for people who are not used to it. They can use their other hand to “fixate” their skull and only follow with their eyes.

Drinking waters supports this process. If you observe exactly, the eye movements will get smoother after drinking two glasses of water.

Lying eight energizer
Moving the stretched arm in the form of a lying eight.



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