A good laugh is a mighty good thing, a rather too scarce a good thing.

Herman Melville (1819–1891)
American writer and poet

Sitting at the desk the whole Digital Workshop (DiWo) time makes you feel tired. If you sense that energy becomes low, it’s time for a short yoga laughter.

Objective of Yoga Laughter

Energy, positivity, and fun.



2–5 min.


Everybody gets up from their chairs. Everyone should place their feet shoulder-width apart, with arms hanging down. Now, crouch down, and while going down exhale and laugh! Then stretch as much as possible with your hands held up while breathing in deeply. Hold a second and then all together crouch down again, breath out by laughing. Repeat ten times! It’s most fun if all webcams are shared. This creates a joint moment. 

Yoga Laughter Position
Yoga Laughter – from stretched to crouched
Yoga Laugther - exhaled
and back up again while inhaling.

Usually, in the beginning participants are a little shy to start. Thus, you as workshop leader have to set the positive example and invite participants with enthusiasm to join. After the first one, two rounds your group normally gets relaxed about it and start enjoying it. Then, they get energized in a very positive way. Yoga Laughter is quick with instant effect – and therefor highly recommend for just a quick energizer in-between.



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