It is in games that many men discover their paradise.

Robert Wilson Lynd (1879–1949)
Irish writer

Sitting is the new smoking. With the Corona Pandemic, however, online events became the new normal. Thus, the already high number of sitting hours increased even more. With remote games you level up the experience as well as fun level. Meetings and workshops are felt less draining.

Furthermore, participants will much more retain what they did or experienced themselves. Thus, games should be preferred over presentations and talks whenever possible. This is online as much possible as offline. To offer you a good choice, we have assembled here a couple of suggestions. However, don’t just put in a game for the sake of game (unless it is a quick energizer).

Procedure for Remote Games

Remember: each module of your digital workshop contribute to the overall objective of your workshop. So, first choose a game that is a step towards your goal.

Second, the game should suit the audience as well as the stage or phase of the group is actually in. Not everything is suitable at all times. You don’t bid farewell at the beginning, don’t you?

The game should also contribute to the 6 balances in a group. Thus, your participants feel respected, valued and have the sense that the workshop was balanced.

Some games might require a debriefing. Don’t skip as this will be part of the whole. Better plan the time properly.

And now have have and enjoy!

What’s your job

What's your job is a classical guessing game taken virtual. One participant has to do a typical movement of a certain profession.

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Guess the socks

A nice guessing game which allows the brain to relax: Participants share photos from under the desk with the facilitator anonymously.

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You can transfer the game "Drawize" into the virtual world, if you use a conferencing software with a whiteboard.

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Touch blue

A simple and quick classic, which can also be played online. The facilitator calls out something to touch of a certain colour, e.g. blue.

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Numbers Salad

On a flipchart or a slide you have painted a bowl, which contains letters. Participants have to combine the letters they find.

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Scavenger Hunt

Remember scavenger as kid? Well, this is similar: As most participants are home establish a list of fun items.

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Talking Objects

You can play the game talking object as an icebreaker or any time. It might serve also in team building for getting to know each other better.

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My desk

A view on a participant's desk allows a more personal view. Thereby, this remote game established and reinforces social connections.

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View out of my window

Set wide the window. Let me drink the day.Edith Wharton (1862–1937)American writer and designer This short remote icebeaker is a...

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