Drawing is vision on paper.

Andrew Loomis (1892–1959)
American illustrator and author

Classics turns remote: Drawize is known to most people. Thus, it will be quick to explain (if necessary at all) and to execute.

Objective of Drawize

  • Distraction and fun.
  • Highlighting flaws in interhuman communication.

Basically, it is a fun game. However, you can highlight by it the flaws of communication we encounter everyday. It’s already hard to guess an object. How much harder is it to follow the idea of an abrstract?


  • Whiteboard in conferencing software, or
  • Drawing App on tablet connected to conferencing software.


at least 12 min, but can be played longer.


If you use a conferencing software with a whiteboard, which most actually have, you can transfer this game into the virtual world.

A given or volunteering participant can choose one out of three images you send only to him or her. The newly acquainted Picasso will draw it on the whiteboard as best as he can. The other participants have to guess what it is.

If you divide into groups of two or three it gets more competitve and fun. Then, the group comes up with the solution first, will receive a point. But be aware that this will then take much more time because you have to be fair and transparent by giving each group equal chances. You can also give a reward to the winners.



Alternatives to this game could be:

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