When I was young I found out that the big toe always ends up making a hole in a sock.
So I stopped wearing socks.

Albert Einstein (1879–1955)
German theoretical physicist

Sometimes fun and distraction are the only objectives of an energizer. Guess the socks is one of those. There is no higher purpose and still it has its merits.

Objective for Guess the socks

Fun and distraction plus social bonding.


Photos of socks by each participant.


15 min – if all photos are prepared.

Preparation to put photos together ca. 15 min.

Preparation time of participant ca. 4–5 min.


Have participants take a picture of their socks/shoes/feet and send it to you. Then assemble them on whiteboard or slide and let participants guess, which socks belong to whom in the following way:

  • Select a socks master who will lead the group discussion until their joint vote on image number one. Thus, you have a little break as facilitator to prepare your next session.
  • Once decided on image No 1, the current socks master defines the next socks master for the second image and so on.
  • After all images have been guessed, debrief and highlight their good online collaboration. 

It is useful to ask for the pictures before the workshop are before a break. Otherwise it might take just too much time to take the photos, mail or upload them, and assemble them on a slide or whiteboard.

And of course: the bigger the group, the more time it will take. I suggest a maximum of 12 participants, better 6–8. Otherwise it might get lengthy and boring.


Anytime. This is especially useful after a long session before to lighten the spirit.

Too personal? Well, have a try with one of these!

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