Many people are alive, but don’t touch the miracle of being alive.

Thich Nhat Hanh (*1926)
Vietnamese Thien Buddhist monk

A simple and quick classic icebreaker, which can also be played online. It doesn’t have much of any other purpose than warming participants up and to make them move. Already this has quite some value taking nowadays long screen times into account.

Procedure for Touch Blue

Objective of Touch Blue

Engerizing, in this case just distracting and moving slightly.


Nothing in specific, anything lying around will do.


As short as long as you want. Usually 5–10 min.


Introduce the rules and make sure everyone knows how to play. Invite them to be active.

The facilitator calls out something to touch of a certain colour, e.g. blue. Each person has to move and touch something on their desk or around them of that colour (a blue marker, a drawer…). Then, you ask for something red, or fluffy, metallic etc. 

If you want to have some competition, then split into groups and the first group to hold a certain object into the screen gets a point. The group with most points wins. If you have a virtual reward ready, it could be helpful to cheer up the atmosphere.

You can also ask a participant to play the role of the facilitator. Thus, you have a short spare time for preparing the next session. 



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