Culture arises and unfolds in and as play.

Johan Huizinga (1872–1945)
Dutch historian

With “What’s your job” a classical guessing game is taken virtual. It is an entertaining energizer to be played any time. However, you can use it also as an icebreaker to familiarize you audience with each other.

Objective of What’s your job

  • Self-Introduction of participants in a entertaining way
  • or energizer game for entertainment



The participants’ number should not exceed about 12. Otherwise, it might get a little too lengthy. Have a little time buffer as guessing times are hard to estimate. Sometimes people get the idea immediately, sometimes it takes ages. Take the freedom to stop if it’s felt too long.


One participant has to do in front of the camera a typical movement of his or her profession. As an alternative you think of any profession randomly or given by the facilitator. The first option is, of course, required if participants should get to know each other.

Naturally, the webcam is turned on. The other have to guess via the chatbox or by voice. The chat makes it easier to rate who came up first with the correct answer.

The first who guesses correctly continues. However, as a facilitator try to balance that every participant mimed at least once. 

You can also form groups and let them play against each other if you want to play it as an energizer. Each correct guess is a point.


  • Forming as self-introduction, or
  • any phase as game

Is one the following games more suitable for your participants?

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You can transfer the game "Drawize" into the virtual world, if you use a conferencing software with a whiteboard.

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Touch blue

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Numbers Salad

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Scavenger Hunt

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Talking Objects

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My desk

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