Social media creates communities, not markets.

Don E. Schultz (1954–2020)
Marketing expert

On their social media profile people represent themselves. Consequently, when using it as a remote icebreaker in an online event as introduction let their profile speak on their behalf.

Social media profile Example: Pinterest board of
Social media profile Example: Pinterest board of

How to use participants’ social media profile


Introduction of participants and bonding with each other.


Social media profiles of all participants and yourself as facilitator of a common platform.


Calculate the required time, e.g. 10 participants for each 2 minutes interview (with transition time and introduction) are 25 min plus presentation time 2 min each (=20) adds up to about 45 min. That’s a lot already. So, be sharp on your calculation and your execution. Otherwise it might fizzle out…


Participants can send a link (best before the event) of their social media profile, e.g. on Instagram or pinterest. It’s also useful to agree on the most common platform among the participants.

Then, you pair participants. They should interview each other in order to bond with each other. Furthermore, the presentation of someone else’s profile gets another, more positive energy into the room.

You should look it up from your shared screen, so that the participants don’t leave the conferencing software and wonder around for the rest of time on facebook, instagram or… That means you as facilitator should have all the profiles ready to follow. Not to forget someone, you better have a list ready.


Forming. It’s a starter game.

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