Today’s gossip is tomorrow’s headline.

Walter Winchell (1897–1972)
American journalist

You participants are making headlines – by themselves. This little game is especially useful as remote team building exercise. However, it can also be used in any other context. It’s positive and future-oriented.

Objective of Future Headlines

Creativity and Positivity.

Opening minds for future opportunities and change.


It’s helpful to have a sample headlines collection to trigger the creative process. This isn’t a must, however.

Instead of each participant writing his or her suggestion in the chat, it is much better to use the whiteboard of your conferencing software or – the most elegant solution – a collaboration tool. Such a joint board helps you also for the recording, illustrates nicely the workshop protocol and serves for future references.


5–15 min brainstorming time.

5–8 min Debriefing.


Share an online newspaper with the participants of your online workshop and let them come with suggestions for headlines in the future about the company / NGO / topic of the conference. Headlines like „The best place for internships“, „Small NGO saves millions from poverty“, „Equality for women finally reality“, “XYZ makes record profit”, “The first company with 24 hours child care”…

Participants can type their ideas and suggestions in the chatbox, on the whiteboard or on a collaboration tool.

This makes each participants’ goal and expectation visible and creates a positive, forward looking atmosphere. 

A debriefing with going the all the headlines including clarification should follow. You also want to share the board with your participants later.

Important: There is no censorship, no judgement, no making ridiculous or other. This would destroy the positive atmosphere immediately. Better announce it before!


Anytime. Nevertheless, it’s useful as a preparation for a following dreaming, planning, or strategy session in order to open up minds for future opportunities and possibilities

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