Management by objective works — if you know the objectives. Ninety per cent of the time you don’t.

Peter Drucker (1909—2005)
Austrian-American management guru

Like all work-related efforts, also moderation has objectives. If not, then it’s merely a talk among friends and you better don’t invite any guests.

Process and Content Objectives of Mdoeration

We could classify two main objectives for any kind of seminar, workshop or training session: content and process. The content refers to the topic and subject, while the process is the way in which things are run. The process includes moderation techniques, style, group dynamics and management of emotions. Both should be addressed equally at all times, as they are equally important: one will fail without adequate attention to the other.

DecisionsRules and Guidelines
AgendaGroup Dynamics
GoalsClimate / Atmosphere

According to the objectives, content and process will be different. Thus, it leads to a certain form or a mix of forms: will you provide training, lead a workshop or consult a person or group? It might be also something in-between.

Objectives of Moderation: What do you have in mind?
What’s your personal objective leading a workshop? Be honest to yourself!

Personal Objectives

The third type of objectives of moderation is about you. You should always ask yourself what your personal goal is in conducting this workshop. It is absolutely legitimate that it is a mix of several motivational factors. But be honest with yourself: formulate these goals in advance and check whether (and to what extent) you have reached them.

These personal goals could include:

  • Money,
  • Fame,
  • Experience,
  • Admiration,
  • Impact: Delivering a message,
  • Experimentation: Trying new things.

Ideally, you will achieve all three objectives (content, process, and personal) but this is not always the case. Be honest and accept feedback as a chance for self-improvement.

SMART Principle for goal setting
Only SMART objectives are goals – anything else is a wish list.

For the real planning and goal setting please read goal setting.

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