There is no failure. Only feedback.

Robert Allen (1906–1998)
American film actor and TV performer

A One Point Feedback is an excellent way of giving feedback quickly. The name refers not so much to the fact that every participant gives feedback with a single dot but rather because there is only one question to be answered. Other forms are two point feedback (aka as coordinates of success), three point, as well as multipoint feedback.

How set up a one point feedback

  • Write a heading for your question!
  • Draw a line (vertical or horizontal)!
  • Write two opposite expressions to your answer at the end of the line.
  • Distribute self-sticking dots and ask participants to stick them according to their own opinion. In case you don’t have dots give out markers and ask to make a little cross.

Participants should place the dots without you watching in order to avoid any influence.

Barometer of Public Opinion

The Barometer of Public Opinion is pretty much the same but has a nicer name and is presented in a nicer way. Instead of a line, sketch a barometer (vertical) and ask whether the topic/feeling/question is hot or cold. However, it’s a much nicer name and more inspiring to answer. Additionally, drawn on a sheet it looks much nicer.

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