Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.

Kim Collins (*1976)
Track and Field Sprinter from Saint Kitts and Nevis

This kind of assessment is aimed at the performance of moderators or presenters. While for the one point, two point and multipoint feedback you come up with the queries yourself, this one is defined already.

Applying Three Point Feedback

The following points should be observed and taken up later.

  • Visualisation
  • Body Language
  • Moderation Objectives: Content / Process / Personal (compare Moderation Process)

You could also separate the tasks and several participants could give their opinion on one point, while the other team gives feedback on another.

It is useful to hand out forms to observers and introduce them to this form of feedback before the performance starts. Thus, they don’t tend to forget and take notes or rate directly.

It is recommended that you have self-explanatory scales for the ratings. Additionally, there can be a free field with possible suggestions for improvement. Thus, it gets more specific and even more helpful for the future.

Form example

Here is one form for download, which you can adopt for your own purposes. It has all the three areas with self-explanatory scaling. The moderation or facilitation objectives are elaborated.

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